The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement

Must Have Book: The New Paris

Wherever you live in the world, you know first-hand the outdated clichés that continue to circulate about your own town & country – and wish that outsiders could see and experience what is reality, not perception. An American living in Paris has done just that with her brand new book – The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement – superbly researched, written and edited by Author Lindsey Traumata.

It is way more than an address book – and no gift guide to Paris would be complete without it.

Reserve your copy now by pre-order since I foresee it being a must have item, much like Patricia Wells’ “Food Lover’s Guide to Paris” which was (and still is) an iconic snapshot of what was happening in 1984… but here we are 32 years later – what has changed?

Lindsey documents the here and now of 2016 – by detailing the how and why one of the world’s most iconic & clichéd cities has remained Parisian but has evolved in revolutionary ways – such as an American Chef who brought back classic French cooking, why a French marketing exec quit to bring Texas BBQ to town, how a city that once served dishwater coffee is now on par with other international cities’ café cultures, how a wine city opened its arms to a cocktail explosion, how fancy restaurants that once “employed” Chefs has flipped to Chef-entrepreneurs calling the shots as the owners of their own establishments, and more. You’ll meet so many wonderful people along the way, you’ll feel like you are here. And when you do get here, you’ll “see” Paris versus just looking at it.

She takes you to the very individuals that inspired and led the changes with in-depth profiles, interviews and personal conversations that are sure to enrich any Paris lover’s perception and experience.

I was honoured to have had a look at the book, and I did so, three times. Once to read it, a second time to absorb it, and the third time to take in the stunning photos by photographer Charissa Fay (just have a look at her Instagram feed to see what I mean.)

Since I’ve lived here nearly 27 years, I’m often asked what has changed. Now I have an additional reference to point them to. Reading Lindsey’s book touched me deeply about the city that I love – filling me with even more pride for its cast of characters taking risks on every level to mark this moment in time, that affect us all here and now, today.

With almost 300 pages of text and 150 photographs from Charissa, “The New Paris” is a game changer.

For pre-order on Amazon: The New Paris

About the Author

Lindsey Tramuta, an American who has lived in Paris for a decade, writes the award-winning blog Lost in Cheeseland and contributes to the New York Times, AFAR, and Condé Nast Traveler where she writes extensively on Paris and French culture.

About the Photographer
Charissa Fay is a travel, food, and lifestyle photographer based in New York City. Her clients include Food & Wine, Wall Street Journal, and Conde Nast Traveler.

About the Book

Abrams / April 2017
U.S. $29.95 / Can. $35.95
Hardcover / 272 pages
7 x 10″ / 150 color illustrations



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