A Taste of Paris
Private 3-hr experience

120€ / per person

4 ppl max. This is a private tour just for you, family & friends. No solo travelers.


Tues - Sun

Rendez-vous point:

Maubert-Mutualite, Left Bank, 5th Arr


Each person is 18+ yrs old? No issues with dairy, pork, bread AND wine? Fun, spontaneous, adventurous? This quick 3-hour experience is perfect for first-time visitors who are short on time, and want insider eating & drinking tips from an industry insider with fresh food & natural wines.

Best paris food and wine tour


No-one is connected to the Paris food & natural wine scene like Wendy LynThere is a reason her Paris food + natural wine bar tours sell out months in advance. She’s been featured in The New York Times | The Wall St Journal | NBC TODAY | Travel + Leisure | Food & Wine Magazine | The Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmern + Anthony Bourdain



We’ll meet at a café first for insider info. on how the French eat & drink throughout their day, which foods are in season (this helps you find the best places to eat later), answer your restaurant questions in general (service, ordering, tipping, etc.) and give you personalized restaurant suggestions for your tastes – all before setting off to learn about incredible bread, pastry, cheese and wine.

Where we go / What to know:

Did you know that most bakeries in Paris sell croissants, bread & desserts from frozen delivery companies? Surprising I know, but they won’t make dough from scratch because its faster, cheaper and easier than making good quality products. I refuse to support this. Which is why I’ll take you to my favorite artisan bakery where you can see the bakers working. They source farm-fresh organic flour, grains, sourdough, milk, eggs, butter, and seasonal fruit to make fermented dough on-site for healthy delicious bread and pastries.

Cheese shops can be overwhelming/intimidating but I’ll break it down simply during our tasting at an award-winning raw-milk cheese ager. Not only will you learn why you like some cheeses and not others, but you’ll also feel empowered to order like a pro, and take some for a picnic or vacuum-sealed for the flight home. Then it’s a light lunch wildly popular local tapas bar to graze on small plates, farm butter, cured charcuterie, oysters (when in season) and natural wine made by small producers (see below).

During our time together you will:

learn helpful French eating & drinking vocabulary

-learn your personal preferences for cheese and wine
-be “in-the-know” that will make all the difference to the rest of your trip
-navigate the food shops, restaurants & wine bars like a local
-learn about natural wines (see below)
-have spontaneous experiences that are not scripted
-linger, laugh, ask questions, have them answered


This experience is NOT for you if:

-you have more than one food restriction or are vegan*
-you are not interested in wine, wine is a part of our time together
-you cannot stand on your feet for the duration of the tour without seats
-you are on a same day international arrival

*I do my best to accommodate travelers with one legitimate food restriction/allergy, but it is not possible to create an entire tour around those who choose not to eat certain food groups or do not drink wine. The point of the experience is to eat & drink seasonal food to gain an authentic idea of French cuisine which includes wine.

What is included/not included:

Included: A fun informative private tour, Wendy’s time, local insider industry knowledge, organization and a great day out.

Not included: What you eat & drink. Wendy isn’t forcing “samples” or quantity limits on you – you are in total control of what YOU want to eat and drink. There is nothing fun about someone telling you what you can & can’t eat & drink on your vacation.

Average prices: Small tapas sharing plates & glasses of wine are from 5-12€ per person. Generous family-style sharing plates to share (12-30€) and bottles of wine (30-70€).

Why/what is natural wine?

It is easier to tell you what it isn’t. Big-name brand companies have focused on selling high volume to ship all over the world quickly and cheaply. It is “made” in a lab with 70-100 added preservatives and chemicals to give the wine flavor, body and shelf life. Sadly, because the “winemakers” are not legally required to put the ingredients on the label, most wine drinkers have no idea this is what they are drinking. I have been drinking pure, additive-free juice for 20 years now. With me, you’ll be drinking stories about people and a particular piece of land – not a company or a chemist. Once you do, it is pretty hard to go back to drinking chemical wines. You will discover these PURE additive-free wines can be fizzy, cloudy or funky – and a range from white-pink-orange-red hues packed with tons of natural flavor coming from the grape skins & juice.

Which experience is for you?

Want a fast visit to get your bearings? The 3-hour morning food & wine experience from 10am-1pm is for those who want a quick taste of Paris via a bakery, cheese shop and glass of wine at a tapas wine bar. Not enough? See below.

Want to really dig in? When 3-hours isn’t enough, the 5-hour full day private food & wine experience from 10am-3pm is for you.

Mostly interested natural wine? Join Wendy 5:30-8:30pm for a private 3- hour private natural wine & tapas experience in small sharing plate wine shops called “caves a manger.”

I am traveling solo, can I join a group?

No. The tours are private for 2-4 people already traveling together and are specifically requesting to be alone with Wendy and do not want strangers joining.

Physical limitations

If you are not able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, the experiences are not suitable.

Same day international flight arrivals

Unless you’ve been on Europe time prior to coming to Paris, it is just not a good idea to reserve these experiences on a same day international flight arrival.

Where is my confirmation?

During your registration, we urge you not to use a corporate/work email because their spam filters are extremely high and you will not receive your confirmation. If you haven’t received your confirmation sent to the email that you provided, check your spam filter or send Wendy a message with an alternate email and telephone number. She’ll contact you as quickly as possible.

Cancelation Policy

Since the tours are scheduled around Wendy’s hectic travel schedule, all reservations are nonrefundable and cannot be rescheduled or exchanged because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions.

Purchase of comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended (around $10 covers your entire trip) if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job, illness, death, weather, strikes and etc. you will be covered. It only takes a few minutes to register through your credit card company.

Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes will be treated as no shows and canceled. You should be on the way 30 minutes before a scheduled tour. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed-upon rescheduled tour.

If there is severe weather (heatwave, blizzard, lightning, etc.), you will be contacted in advance by text and/or email to reschedule or offer a refund. If there is an emergency cancellation on Wendy’s end, refunds will be made 30 business days after the canceled tour.

You will be prompted to “Terms & Conditions” upon check out to acknowledge this policy and it will be enforced and documented in accordance with guidelines set forth by all credit card issuers & processors.

Rave Reviews

When we got back to the states and saw the article in the WSJ, watched Anthony Bourdain’s 100th show, and read Hemisphere magazine we affirmed our believe that our ‘Wendy time’ took us to the center of the food universe! Our time with her was amazing!…– Peter G.

“If only there were a ‘Wendy’ in every major food city in the world…Barcelona, New York, Venice, London, etc. She’s that good.” – Steve and Molly

Yes, she is the most expensive private food tour out there but, wow, is she worth it. Within thirty seconds we realised we’d hit the jackpot with a star. She is a natural teacher, she opens your eyes in ways you didn’t think possible, she’ll put you in the know of the real Paris food world that you never knew existed so that you see Paris through different eyes for the rest of the trip. Cliché macarons? Forget it. Try drinking wine with chefs for lunch at a wine bar and cheese tastings that will blow your mind. She took two strangers (us), embraced them as if she’d known them the whole of her life, and educated them on le vie a Parisienne (et tout de France!) We still talk about the trip and for me it was the best birthday present ever. No WAY we are going back to Paris without another Wendy date.
-Anne and Luke