Natural Wine & Tapas By Night
Private 5-hr tour

130€ / per person

3 ppl max. Just you & 2 of your adult friends. No solo travelers.


Tues - Sun

Rendez-vous point:

Right Bank (2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th)

Natural Wine Bars


There is a reason Wendy’s Paris food + natural wine bar tours sell out months in advance – she’s been featured in The New York Times | The Wall St Journal | NBC TODAY | Travel + Leisure | Food & Wine Magazine | The Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmern


This is only for you hip 20/30/40 somethings who follow the chef & restaurant industry & natural wine scene wherever you travel. If you know the Four Horsemen in Brooklyn, P. Franco or Brawn in London, or Ven Stranden in Copenhagen… sign up, NOW. You’ll be grazing on bar snacks & drinking bottles (not glasses!) of natural wine with Wendy and her industry friends in the coolest industry hot spots talking shop in the edgy areas of Paris. 

Setting Expectations:

Natural wine, tapas bar snacks only. Each are tiny, or packed standing-room only industry hangouts. Some have wine crates for seating, no chairs at all – and often you stand up at a bar or in the street with Wendy’s industry friends such as chefs, restaurateurs, wine growers, journalists, geeks and enthusiasts.

During/after this tour you will:

  • navigate insider spots like a local
  • have spontaneous experiences with locals that are not scripted
  • linger, laugh, ask questions, have them answered, meet people
  • discover why Wendy offers these personal experiences – she loves this city and wants you to love it too by experiencing it on a deeper level in context so you aren’t disappointed by not understanding what it going on around you

Rave Review:

“Wendy truly made us feel like family as she led us through an unforgettable experience to some of Paris’ hippest natural wine bars. We shared stores and laughs, learned about local chefs and natural wine, and met some of Wendy’s Parisian friends along the way who are just as charming as her. The evening was beyond our expectations and the wine and food blew us away… from beautiful orange pet nats with “carrot cake” terrine to first-of-the-season Partida Creus and buttery aged wagyu charcuterie. If you’re a foodie and lover of natural wines, no visit to Paris would be complete without spending some time with Wendy… you’ll be catching up with family.  –Brit and Joey”

What is included / not included:

Included: A fun informative 3-hour private tour, Wendy’s time, knowledge, organisation, natural wine lesson and a great night out.

Not included: What you choose to eat & drink. Wendy isn’t forcing price or quantity limits on you so that you are in total control of what YOU want to eat and drink. You are adults. There is nothing fun about someone telling you what you can & can’t eat & drink on your vacation.

Average prices: Small sharing plates & glasses of wine are from 5-12€. At bottle shops, you the choose the bottle at wholesale price (14-40€) and pay only a 7€ corkage fee to open it.

BY LAW, all institutions holding a liquor license MUST require you to buy food. You cannot go in for just a glass and leave.

Alcohol and food allergies:

The point of the experience is to eat & drink seasonal food to gain an authentic idea of French “apero” food which relies heavily upon snacks of bread, butter, salty fish, and cured meats. It is not possible for Wendy to create an entire tour around those who choose not to eat certain food groups. 

I am traveling solo, can I join a group?

Because the tours are private for 2-4 people already traveling together, the registered travelers are outright requesting not to have strangers join their group.

Physical limitations:

You will be on your feet for the duration of the tour with few opportunities to sit. If you are not able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, this tour may not suitable. If you have any questions, of course reach out to Wendy.

Same day international flight arrivals:

Unless you’ve been on Europe time for awhile prior to the tour, please do not reserve this tour on a same day international flight arrival. Wendy would rather meet you when you are refreshed and rested, not stressed about luggage, traffic, the hotel room not being ready, jet lag, no wifi to tell Wendy that you overslept because an afternoon nap sounded like a good idea, etc. She’s seen it all and it just not a good idea.

Are the tours for children?


Rave Reviews From Clients

“Not only was Wendy’s Food & Wine Tour a total learning experience, it was just plain fun. Wendy’s knowledge, delightful personality and connections made for quite the boring afternoon after our morning with her. Within minutes of leaving her we were asking each other, “Can we hit rewind and do that again?” – John and Michael

“If only there were a ‘Wendy’ in every major food city in the world…Barcelona, New York, Venice, London, etc. She’s that good.” – Steve and Molly

“After our Taste of Paris Food Tour with Wendy, we spent the afternoon talking about the amazing information she had shared with us … she is clearly on a personal mission to make sure that everyone has an authentic food experience in Paris and not the Disney cliché. Wendy Lyn changed the way we saw and experienced everything. She really is a star.” – Jane and Nelson C.

I’m ready to do a tour with Wendy, what next?

Its easy as 1-2-3.

1.) Check the calendar and time to see if the date is available. If it is, take it quickly as they tours sell out months in advance. Choose the number of people, click the date, click the hour and reserve.

2.) You’ll be prompted to answer a few food & wine questions on the registration page. Here you can share as little or as much as you’d like about yourself – so that Wendy can incorporate your areas of interest into your time together. Reading your notes is a highlight for Wendy, as she usually discovers you have mutual friends.

3.) You will receive a one time confirmation immediately (to the email that you provide), with Wendy’s details, where to meet, etc.  Please stay on line and be sure you receive it either in your inbox or spam folder. No need to print it out or bring with you.

FYI: SAVE the info in your phone ASAP so you have it – as it cannot be resent on the fly. Wendy’s tech team put a LOT of time and resources into making sure that ALL confirmations & details are sent to the email you provide. If Wendy is in another country, she will not be able to resend your specific tour details from the road.

Where is my confirmation/why hasn’t Wendy responded?

For some strange reason, “earthlink” or huge corporate addresses have a are challenge with the server. If you haven’t received your confirmation sent to the email that you provided, please check your spam filter first and then send Wendy a message with an alternate email and telephone number. She’ll contact you as quickly as possible.

Cancelation Policy:

Since the tours are scheduled around Wendy’s hectic travel schedule, all reservations are nonrefundable and cannot be rescheduled or exchanged because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions. 

Wendy had no choice but to draw a line after (just one example) flying in from Barcelona at dawn to meet clients for the day, only to discover they had stayed out all night and casually answered their phone with a, “Oh, was our tour today? We can be there in an hour.” Just no.

If you reserve it, she’ll be there – acts of God, transportation strikes and severe illness as exceptions.

Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes will be treated as no shows and canceled. You should be on the way 30 minutes before a scheduled tour.

If there is severe weather (heatwave, blizzard, lightening, etc.), you will be contacted in advance to reschedule or offer a refund. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed upon rescheduled tour. If there is an emergency cancellation on Wendy’s end due to acts of God, transportation strikes and severe illness, refunds will made 30 business days after the canceled tour.

You will be prompted to “Terms & Conditions” upon check out to acknowledge this policy and it will be enforced and documented in accordance to guidelines set forth by all credit card issuers & processors.