In-Depth Taste of Paris
5-hr / Afternoon & Evening / Custom Tour

220€ / per person

1-6 ppl. Just you & your friends.


Tues - Sat

Rendez-vous point:

Place de la Bastille


Are you: 18+ yrs old and not a picky eater? Fun, spontaneous, adventurous? Mostly interested in grazing on small plates in the coolest industry spots with natural wine & cocktails? Then you don't want to miss this 5-hour private experience with Wendy.

Paris Food Tour


No-one is connected to the Paris food & natural wine scene like Wendy LynThere is a reason her Paris food + natural wine bar tours sell out months in advance. She’s been featured in The New York Times | The Wall St Journal | NBC TODAY | Travel + Leisure | Food & Wine Magazine | The Travel Channel with Andrew Zimmern + Anthony Bourdain


Why not let me show you my Paris on one of my popular food & wine tours, they’re awesome! It’s private … just you and me, lots of local intel, fun vibes and tons of eating & drinking. Give me your wish list and let’s make it happen.

Why Take A Private Tour With Me:

Like most of you, I don’t want to research the internet for hundreds of hours only to come home to discover I missed the best places to go or worse… discover the places are closed on Sunday, etc. I want a local industry insider to get me to the right spots to eat & drink and to meet fun like-minded people.

After my living here working as a restaurant consultant, tv producer and journalist in the food & wine industry for 20+ years, you can depend on me to know this city like the back of my hand. It’s my job to obsess over the newest spots in Paris every, single, day.

The food scene in Paris is one of a kind and so are you. So whether you are hip & trendy or more traditional – I will put you in the know about what you want to know… and fast. You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours researching too much information on the internet – let me do the thinking and planning for you.

You’ll have spontaneous experiences that are not scripted, you’ll be able to linger, laugh, ask questions, have them answered and be “in-the-know” that will make all the difference to the rest of your trip.

Rave Reviews

When we got back to the states and saw the article in the WSJ, watched Anthony Bourdain’s 100th show, and read Hemisphere magazine we affirmed our belief that our ‘Wendy time’ took us to the center of the food universe! Our time with her was amazing!…– Peter G.

“If only there were a ‘Wendy’ in every major food city in the world…Barcelona, New York, Venice, London, etc. She’s that good.” – Steve and Molly

Yes, she is the most expensive private food tour out there but, wow, is she worth it. Within thirty seconds we realized we’d hit the jackpot with a star. She is a natural teacher, she opens your eyes in ways you didn’t think possible, she’ll put you in the know of the real Paris food world that you never knew existed so that you see Paris through different eyes for the rest of the trip. Cliché macarons? Forget it. Try drinking wine with chefs for lunch at a wine bar and cheese tastings that will blow your mind. She took two strangers (us), embraced them as if she’d known them the whole of her life, and educated them on le vie a Parisienne (et tout de France!) We still talk about the trip and for me, there is NO WAY we are going back to Paris without another Wendy Lyn date.
-Anne and Luke

Custom Tour:

Paris is one of the greatest food cities in the world for a reason –  we can go to state-of-the-art coffee roasters, sourdough bakeries, street food vendors, cheese shops, patisseries, oyster bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, open-air food markets, concept stores and so much more. From classic foie gras, charcuterie & aged cheeses to hipster natural wine bars and insider spots – I’ve got you covered.

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to the chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, and others in the food industry who are shaping a brand new generation of Paris.

If you are ONLY interested in natural wine bars at night – our time will be shifted to start around 5pm.

How It Works:

When you register, I’ll ask you specific questions in the notes so that you can let me know your priorities/interests and depending upon the day or the week/season, we’ll make it happen. It’s totally up to you!

Stay online… within one minute you’ll have your confirmation with our meeting point and my contact details.

Which tour is for you?

The AM experience is fast, a bit of speed-dating to get a quick taste of Pairs. It can include coffee, bakery, cheese, food-shopping, a casual fast lunch with street food, a sharing plates wine bar, or a sit-down classic bistrot… pretty much everything but cocktails and more than one wine bar. Sunday night & Mondays most places are closed and not available.

The PM experience is longer to experience more from coffee, bakery, cheese, food-shopping, street food, cocktails bars, and more sharing plate wine bars will be open if that’s your focus. Sunday night & Mondays most places are closed and not available.

This experience is NOT for you if:

-you have more than one food restriction or are vegan*
-you are not interested in wine, wine IS a part of our time together
-you cannot stand on your feet for the duration of the tour without seats
-you are on a same-day international arrival

*I do my best to accommodate travelers with one legitimate food restriction/allergy, but it is not possible to create an entire tour around those who choose not to eat certain food groups or do not drink wine. The point of the experience is to eat & drink seasonal food to gain an authentic idea of French cuisine which includes wine.

What is included/not included:

Included: A fun informative private tour, Wendy’s time, local insider industry knowledge, organization and a great day/night out.

Not included: What you eat & drink. This is simply because when I saw what other food tours offered  – they were choosing what we ate & drank. I’m too independent for that. I want what I want and I’m guessing you do too. You are in total control of what YOU want to eat and drink. There is nothing fun about someone telling you what you can & can’t eat & drink on your vacation.

Average prices: Small tapas sharing plates & glasses of wine are from 5-12€ per person. Generous family-style sharing plates to share (12-30€) and bottles of wine (30-70€). Don’t worry about me, I might have a coffee or glass of wine with you, but that’s it.

Cancelation Policy

Since the tours are scheduled around Wendy’s hectic travel schedule, all reservations are nonrefundable and cannot be rescheduled or exchanged because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions.

Purchase of comprehensive insurance is strongly recommended (around $10 covers your entire trip) if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of job, illness, death, weather, strikes and etc. you will be covered. It only takes a few minutes to register through your credit card company.

Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes will be treated as no shows and canceled. You should be on the way 30 minutes before a scheduled tour. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed-upon rescheduled tour.

If there is severe weather (heatwave, blizzard, lightning, etc.), you will be contacted in advance by text and/or email to reschedule or offer a refund. If there is an emergency cancellation on Wendy’s end, refunds will be made 30 business days after the canceled tour.

You will be prompted to “Terms & Conditions” upon check out to acknowledge this policy and it will be enforced and documented in accordance with guidelines set forth by all credit card issuers & processors.