At a Glance:

This beloved fast-paced classic bistrot on the rue Paul Bert is a legend for its fantastic French comfort food, and is my favourite place to eat in the entire world. Order quickly from the chalkboard menus being passed around the dining room and then sit back to watch the fascinating rhythm of how a real bistrot works... glasses of wine flying down the zinc bar, staff rushing between the kitchen and tables taking orders, balancing hot plates on their arms, and the jovial owner Bertrand Auboyneau shaking hands with loyal regulars & greeting visitors from all over the world who have sought it out. The prix fixe menus are hand written on chalkboards featuring vegetables grown on their farm in Normandy, seafood direct from their family property in Brittany (renowned for its shellfish & fish), and meats, cheese and wine sourced from top-quality producers.

Sample dishes:

A classic bistrot lover's dream!!! Poached eggs topped with shaved black truffles, White asparagus, Buttery pan-seared sole meunière, The famous pepper beef filet dressed in a Cognac, butter, cream sauce to dip your frites, Paris-Brest cream puff pastry, Grand Marnier Souffle. Don't balk if you see steak tartare, brains and kidneys - these are the foods French kids learned to love in childhood and exactly what makes this bistrot authentic. If they weren't on the menu, I'd KNOW it wasn't a real bistrot. No worries, there are plenty of other items to choose from.


1. CHECK. THE. ADDRESS. Diners are accidentally going outside the city limits to an unaffiliated Bistrot Paul Bert by the flea markets.

2. Service in a French bistrot is not helicopter hovering, if you need something, you’ll need to flag them down to ask for it.

3. The famous “steak-frites” are so special they get their own menu, ask for it.

4. Well-done steak? Not in France. If you have to have it this way, please respect the cow and just order something else. As the owner told Andrew Zimmern on TV, “We’ve already killed the animal once, why would we do it twice?”

5. The cheese platter is one of the best in the city. Several whole cheeses are served family-style on a heavy wooden cutting board for you to take a slice from each before the server takes it to the next table.


Other Businesses Owned By Bertrand Auboyneau:

Le 6 Paul Bert, La Cave Du Paul Bert, Ecailler du Bistrot (all on the same street)

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Bistrot Paul Bert

Date reviewed:

April 4, 2017

Reservation policy:

Call before/after lunch/dinner service to reserve at least 2-3 weeks in advance.



Menu format:

À la carte


18, rue Paul Bert, 11th Arr, Right Bank
Tel: +33 01 43 72 24 01


Lunch & Dinner, Tuesday - Saturday 12:30pm-2pm, 7:30pm-10pm

Nearest metro:

Faidherbe – Chaligny

The scene:

Nice But Not Fancy, Wildly Popular, No Frills Just Good Food & Wine

The look:

Old-School but fresh. What You envision A Paris Bistrot To Look Like

Who goes:

Food Industry, Visiting Foodies, Locals

The soundtrack:

Corks Popping, Laughter, Glasses Clinking

Insider tip:

Early for your reservation? Have a glass of wine next door at their sister wine bar.

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