Street Food

It happens – French food overload. When you just have to get a fix, here are the top addresses for fast food made by hand with superior ingredients: Fish Tacos, Korean fried chicken, grilled lamb stuffed pitas, handmade wood-fired pizza, NYC deli house-smoked pastrami Reuben, Ramen, Burgers, etc.

Frenchie’s To Go

Gregory Marchand's Frenchie To Go is equal parts neighborhood coffee joint & deli counter. Open all-day every day, this is where you can feed your...
9, rue du Nil, 2nd arr, Right Bank
+33 01 40 26 23 43


This fun "classy psychedelic" urban spot serves up top-notch spicy Korean fried chicken with bubbly rose wine, beer and cocktails. Great music...
289, rue Saint-Denis, Right Bank
+33 01 23 45 67 89


Join the locals at Tel Aviv's Chef Eyal Shani's Parisian branch of Miznon for premium ingredients used in the stuffed pita sandwiches & whole...
22 rue des Ecouffes, Right Bank
+33 01 42 74 83 58


Incredible perfectly-charred thin crust pizza near Montmartre served with natural wines, bags of Caputo flour next to the wood-fired oven, and a...
72 Rue de Rochechouart, Right Bank, 9th arr
+33 01 40 37 44 02


When you need a taco & craft cocktail fix and want to hang out with cool people your age - make the pilgrimage to Paris’ first authentic Mexican...
52 rue Saintonge, 3rd arr, Right Bank
+33 01 42 74 41 28



Chef Taku Sekine & co-owner Amaury Guyot's cocktail pairing restaurant. Follow them on Instagram to get advance notice of their special...
21, rue Saint Nicholas, 12th arr, right bank
+33 09 81 01 12 73

The Beast BBQ Paris

The Beast BBQ & Bourbon

Meat-Fire-Time is the motto at this traditional Texas BBQ smokehouse with rare Bourbons....
27, rue Meslay, 3rd arr, Right Bank
+33 07 81 02 99 77

Le Camion Qui Fume

Grab California native Kristin Frederick's famous burgers at Paris' first ever food truck, Camion Qui Fume or their restaurant open 7 days a week....
168 rue Montmartre, 2nd arr, Right Bank
+33 01 84 16 33 75