Paris Natural Wine Bar Tour

Top Natural Wine Bars

When it comes to delicious sharing plates, good natural wine, a bit of chef spotting and a fun buzzy vibe – look no further than these top Paris wine bars.

La Cave Du Paul Bert

Share seasonal plates (smoked pork w/apple, creamy Burrata etc.), with natural wine at Bistrot Paul Bert's fun little sister wine bar is open all day...
16, rue Paul Bert, 11th, Right Bank
+33 01 58 53 50 92

L’Avant Comptoir Wine Bar

Chef Yves Camdeborde’s wildly popular tapas-style wine bar is hidden behind his crepe stand next to his world-famous bistrot....
9, Carrefour de l'Odeon, Left Bank
+33 01 44 27 07 97

La Cave à Michel Wine Bar

“Top Chef” Romain Tischenko's wine bar is extremely popular with the food & wine industry – who eat and drink standing up at the bar to graze...
36, rue Sainte-Marthe, Right Bank
+33 01 42 45 94 47

Clown Bar Paris Atsumi Sota

The Clown Bar

The Clown Bar is the hottest address in town where food & wine industry meet to socialize for hours over many bottles of wine and delicious sharing...
114 Rue Amelot, 11th Arr, Right Bank
+33 01 43 55 87 35

Aux Deux Amis

Every city has "that" place where the food & wine folk go after hours to blow off steam, and David Loyola's friendly wine bar is ground zero for...
45 rue Oberkampf, Right Bank
+33 01 58 30 38 13

Le Dauphin Wine Bar

Expect the unexpected with a lively crowd & flavor combinations (Apple cider grilled chorizo, Fried tapioca squares) at Chef-Owner Inaki Aiziparte's...
131 avenue Parmentier, Right Bank
+33 01 55 28 78 88

La Buvette Wine Bar

Camille's philosophy is, "A meal without wine is called breakfast"- no wonder her vintage dairy wine bar/shop is a favorite meeting spot for industry...
67, rue Saint-Maur, Right Bank
+33 09 83 56 94 11

Natural Wine Bars Paris

Septime La Cave

Septime's natural wine cave-shop across from the restaurant serving aperitif sharing plates with glasses or bottles of natural wines. ...
3, rue Basfroi, Right Bank, 11th Arr
+33 01 43 67 14 87

Frenchie Wine Bar

Gregory Marchand's wildly popular no reservation wine bar is where people gather around farmhouse bar tables in a lively environment to choose from a...
5 rue du Nil, Right Bank
+33 01 40 39 96 19

Yard Wine Bar & Bistrot

Jane Drotter's charming neighborhood canteen is where locals & food industry come nearly everyday for Nye Smith's affordable market menus at Yard &...
6 rue de Mont Louis, 11th arr, right bank
+33 01 40 09 70 30

Coinstot Vino Wine Bar

Coinstot Vino

Guillaume Dupre's Coinstot Vino is a wildly popular hangout for its incredible natural wine list, handmade pizzas and bistrot dishes in a buzzy...
26-28 bis, Passage des Panoramas, 2nd arr, Right Bank
01 44 82 08 54

Le Bel Ordinaire

Le Bel Ordinaire

First lunch service at food critic Sébastien Demorand's & business partner Cyrille Rossetto's new Le Bel Ordinaire - a wine bar, grocery store, deli...
54 rue Paradis, 10th arr, Right Bank
01 46 27 46 67