Where to Eat in Paris Right Now? My Criteria.

I created Paris Is My Kitchen as a short concise restaurant list for you food-obsessed travellers who aren’t interested in every place to eat, only the places to eat in Paris, right now.

All the restaurants that I share here are personal favourites where I am a regular and where I send my chef and foodie friends. How do I choose? The places must be fun, and must have mostly natural wines on the list. Whether you drink or not – this one criteria alone means that the chef-owners are always making a conscious effort to serve fresh seasonal food.

I do not “test” new restaurants unless I’m tipped off by positive word of mouth among restaurant industry friends about what’s new and good as per the criteria above. For each restaurant, I do my best to explain what it is, and what it isn’t, so that you know what you are signing up for before you reserve – and most importantly – so that you don’t waste your precious meal opportunity in Paris.

Restaurant solicitations are not responded to nor ever accepted. I don’t need a free meal honey, I am happy to pay for a great one.