Paris Food & Wine Tours

Want to take a Paris food & wine tour with Wendy Lyn? Here is what you need to know to decide which tour is best for you.

My Taste of Paris food tours during the day are for those interested in learning about bread, cheese & wine, French food culture & the nuances of cultural etiquette, how to avoid touristy areas/places to eat, how the French shop for staples, etc.  It is my most popular tour for making the most of the rest of your trip by putting you in the know like a local. If Parisian bakeries, cheese shops & local wine bars sound like fun, this is for you.

The Evening Natural Wine Bar Tours? You know who you are. You follow chefs, trends, and restaurants on Instagram to know where to eat & drink RIGHT NOW. Regardless of age, the only reason you travel is to eat & drink to hang with the cool crowd in the hottest industry insider spots in the world in edgy & rowdy wine bars, with a young hip crowd standing around a bar with no chairs, and music playlists blaring. If you are also open minded and curious about tasting young fresh juice made by up and coming wine producers, the is for you.