Where to Drink Natural Wine? Use the New Raisin App

My personal formula in finding a good restaurant is simple and clear – when there is something good to drink (well-made natural wine on the list, not mass produced industrialised bottles), then it goes to reason that if a Chef is hyper sourcing wine, then they don’t take shortcuts with food. It isn’t always the other way around. Most often, the focus is on the food, and the other important details like wine, bread and coffee are an afterthought.

It isn’t just me either. There is a new demographic of diners out there who choose a restaurant solely based on what there is to drink.

When a new place opens, my clients, chefs and wine makers all ask me, “What is there to drink?” If the answer is “rien a boire” (nothing to drink, meaning nothing interesting) then why bother going? A long meal with friends with industrial wine is torture.

My site only has Paris restaurants that feature something to drink AND eat – but what about when I’m in Japan, England, other parts of France, Spain, Italy, Amsterdam, Canada and the USA? What to do? Up until now I relied on my circle of friends who share the same values and have recently been there.

Now my closest companion is the Raisin app.  Founder Jean-Hugues Bretin’s Raisin team are doing crazy amounts of legwork to add to their easy to use map in their app of where to drink natural wine… including wine whops, wine bars and restaurants. They are even asking you to let them know what is good in your area.

You can see more details about the locations, winemakers, after downloading the app here as well as following them on Instagram.

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