6 New Restaurant Openings in Paris

From Spanish BBQ and Gluten-free to Spicy Chinese and Refined French Meals, Paris’ up and coming North-Northeast neighbourhoods continue to attract new business concepts that cater to the international tastes of hungry locals and travellers alike.





What: Fire-grilled South American barbecue, natural wine, craft beer
When: Closed Monday & Tuesday, Open  Wed – Sun 7pm-11pm
Where: 5, Rue du Général Renault, 11th arr.
Metro: Saint Ambroise
Reservations: 01 48 06 98 97
Social: https://www.instagram.com/brutosparis/

At A Glance: Lucas Baur de Campos et Ninon Camille Lecomte new fire-grilled Spanish-style bbq in the heart of the 11th arr. A fun rustic neighbourhood joint.
Sample Dishes: Grilled vegetables, whole fish and red meat.
Photo Credit: Bratos


New Restaurant in Paris

What: Hyper-sourced French products, natural wine, craft beer
When: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 2pm, 7pm – 10pm
Where: 172 bis, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 12th arr.
Metro: Faidherbe-Chaligny
Reservations: 01 56 58 04 73
Site: jouvence.paris

At A Glance: Romain Thibault’s pretty neo-bistrot in a former apothecary in the 12th arr. near the popular Marche d’Aligre. Prix fixe lunches, a la carte dinners.
Sample Dishes: Foie gras, Oysters, St. Jacques, Line-caught fish, Seared beef, Seasonal vegetables, Natural Wines.
Photo Credit: Jouvence

Le Grand Bain

Where to eat in Paris

What: Hyper-sourced French products, natural wine, craft beer
When: Thursday – Monday,  7pm – 11:30pm
Where: 14 rue Denoyez, 20th arr.
Metro: Belleville, Pyrénées
Reservations: 09 83 02 72 02
Social: https://www.instagram.com/legrandbainparis/

At a Glance: British Chef Edward Delling Williams (Au Passage/St. John London) and Edouard Lax’s modern loft,  open kitchen, a la carte menu, sharing plates, natural wines.
Sample Dishes: Smoked oysters, Artichoke/balsamic/salsa verde, Butternut squash & pickled walnut, Beef Wellington, etc.
Photo Credit: Le Grand Bain


New Restaurants in Paris

What: Hyper-sourced French products, natural wine, craft cocktails
When: 6pm bar tapas, dinner 7:15pm – 10:45pm. Closed Tues & Wed.
Where: 73 rue Amelot, 11th arr.
Metro: Chemin Vert, Saint-Sébastien-Froissart
Reservations: Online or 01 55 28 53 31
Site: http://www.restaurant-iratze.com

At a Glance: French Chef Mathieu Moity’s (Michel Bras/O Divin) modern restaurant, a la carte tapas at the open bar, prix fixe & tasting menus, natural wines.
Sample Dishes: Crab/squash/grapefruit, Scallops/passion fruit/carrots, Boudin noir/lobster/cabbage, Braised pork belly/chili, etc. Natural Wines, Craft Cocktails.
Photo Credit: Mathieu Moity

Le Grand Bol

What: Chinese
When: 7/7. Mon/Thurs/Fri Noon-3pm & 6:30pm – 11pm. Tuesday 6:30pm-11pm. Sat & Sun nonstop noon – 11pm.
Where: 7, rue de la Présentation, 19th arr.
Metro: Belleville, Goncourt
Reservations: 01 77 16 89 91

At a Glance: Not exactly “new” at two years old BUT the food community has gone bonkers for this Belleville hole in the wall recently so I’ll count it as “new” on a visitor’s radar.
Sample Dishes: Fried rolls & dumplings, Lacquered duck, Picante langoustines, Sweet & salty sausages w/rice & fried eggs, Spicy noodle soups, etc.
Photo Credit: Taku Sekine

Noglu Marais

Where to eat in the Marais

What: Gluten free restaurant, weekend brunch & tea salon, natural wines.
When: Wed – Sun 12n-2:30pm & 7:30pm-10pm. Weekend brunch 12n-3pm, Tea 3pm-5:45pm
Where: 38 rue de Saintonge, 3rd arr.
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
Reservations: 01 42 71 15 34
Site: http://www.noglu.fr/en/paris-75003/restaurant-2/

At a Glance: What started as Frédérique Jules’ gluten-free bakery in 2012 has become a trusted super cool restaurant-café in the Marais with Chef & Co-Owner Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Passage 53) creating stunning menus to look at and to eat.
Sample Dishes: A la carte and set menus of Quiches, Salads such as composed Beets/raspberries/cashews/Gorgonzola,  Pollack/Brussels sprouts/mussels/cabbage/watercress, Pastries.
Photo Credit: Noglu