My Criteria For Choosing Restaurants

Paris is literally my kitchen because I eat & drink in restaurants every day. So how do I choose to curate this huge city into a short “must” list for you?

All the restaurants I share enthusiastically on my site are personal favourites because they are informal, fun and offer value for money – but above all – I choose where to eat if the chef-owners are making a conscious effort to serve only fresh seasonal food and that includes the bread, wine & coffee. Sadly too many places treat these important details as an after thought. When I know that they are taking the time to source good bread, a quality coffee roaster and especially farmers who make their own wine – it is a no brainer that the food to follow is going to be top quality.

Usually, the further away from the hotel/monument/business center of Paris you can go, you’ll find more authentic places to eat & drink with locals who live in these vibrant neighbourhoods such as the 11th arr.

I’m always tipped off by positive word of mouth among restaurant industry friends about what’s new – so restaurant solicitations are not responded to nor ever accepted.