Weekend Wine Bar Tour
Evening Tour

120€ / per person

Private for 2-4 adults (21+ yrs & older) traveling together. The wine bars are edgy & rowdy, hip & cool, crowded, lively, standing room only, have loud music, small tapas plates, and natural wines.


6pm - 11pm.
Thurs - Sat.

Rendez-vous point:

Left Bank 6th Arr, Right Bank, 11th Arr

Paris Natural Wine Bar Tour

Join Wendy Lyn on her private Paris wine bar tour to eat & drink through the coolest industry hangouts & newest hotspots in the city.

Forget pretentious swirling & sniffing – this fun wine bar tour is for those who want to learn more about natural wines made by up-and-coming wine producers paired with tapas sharing plates by equally up-and-coming Chefs. The wine bars you’ll visit are in the 6th & 11th arr. are serving these wines to an edgy & rowdy, hip crowd.

Wendy loves questions, especially about the hospitality, restaurant & wine industry – so ask away.

What is included in the Paris Natural Wine Bar Tour is a fun informative four-hour private tour, Wendy’s time, knowledge, transportation, reservations at 2-3 wine bars – and a great night out.

Food & wine are not included because you visit many different places with varying food & wine and Wendy’s clients prefer the freedom to be totally in control of what they want to eat & drink. Wendy takes care of her own eating & drinking bill.

The tours sell out months in advance. She was named one of the Top 10 Food Guides in the World by The Wall Street Journal, one of the Top 6 Food City Tours in the World by the Sunday Times, and the “Ultimate Food Insider” and “On a First Name Basis With Every ‘it’ Chef” 

Wendy Lyn is The Insider’s Insider:

Wendy Lyn is best known as the “Insider’s Insider”, for her hard-won all-access pass within the international culinary community from working as a PR & Restaurant Consultant for the most notable chefs & restaurants in the world. From conceptualizing restaurants to launching the first US Michelin Guide in NYC – she has been globetrotting a staggering 200+ days a year while squeezing in marathon eating & drinking day trips with her friends. Venice, Italy just for lunch anyone?

Because the vivacious professional eater has traveled the world working with everyone in the business – Chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and wine makers all call on Wendy as a trusted industry insider to give them essential addresses when they want to know where to eat & drink in Paris, right now. Paris is Wendy’s favorite food city where her trusted Southern appeal, high-regard for French food & wine and her energetic genuine fun-style, have endeared her to top chefs & industry pros who consider her part of their family. She doesn’t even think of traveling without their advice for the perfect eating & drinking list.

Having retired from the restaurant business doesn’t mean she stopped traveling to eat, far from it. Today she chronicles her international eating & drinking adventures on this site, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Epicurious and multiple food programs on The Travel Channel.