A Taste of Paris Food Tour

160€ / per person

Private for 2-4 adults (18+ yrs & older) traveling together. This tour is not for picky eaters/non-drinkers/solo travellers.


10am - 1pm.
Wed - Sun.

Rendez-vous point:

Maubert-Mutualite, Left Bank, 5th Arr

Taste of Paris Food Tour

Taste of Paris Food Tour

Spending three hours with Wendy in her neighbourhood on A Taste of Paris food tour is like being with your fab big sister who gives you the real deal, arming you with tons of local insider knowledge that will make all the difference to your food & wine trip to Paris.

You’ll start at a local café for coffee and chat with Wendy, followed by an artisan baker, an award-winning cheese ager and tapas lunch at a popular wine bar where visiting foodies make a pilgrimage to eat elbow-to-elbow at a standing-room only spot favoured by chefs and wine makers. You’ll learn the clues of how to spot an authentic place from a tourist-joint, the subtle nuances of how Parisians eat/drink/shop, and detailed information about French food & wine while eating a range of baguettes, croissants, cheese, ham/charcuterie, olives, foie gras, artichokes, artisan country bread slathered in salted butter, wine and more.

Wendy’s Taste of Paris food tour is served with a heaping spoonful of her casual Southern hospitality— as she teaches about the Paris food culture in a way no guidebook or online research could. Her personality may be larger than life – but she takes teaching and giving you a great day or night out on a private food and wine tour, seriously.

Physical limitations? Picky eater? Reserving for a same day arrival? Read below first before reserving.

The tours sell out months in advance. She was named one of the Top 10 Food Guides in the World by The Wall Street Journal, one of the Top 6 Food City Tours in the World by the Sunday Times, and the “Ultimate Food Insider” and “On a First Name Basis With Every ‘it’ Chef” 

What To Know Before Reserving This Food Tour:

Physical Limitation: If you are not able to stand on your feet for long periods of time, this tour may not be suitable. We are on our feet for the 3-hour duration of the tour.

Dress Code: The dress code is super casual.

Date & Time: Do not reserve this tour on a same day international flight arrival.  Example: Landing at 7 am and meeting me by 10 am is not do-able. The stress of luggage, traffic, hotel room not being ready, and jet lag does not make for a fun morning. I’d rather meet you when you are refreshed and rested, not stressed.

Picky Eaters: If you aren’t interested in bakeries, cheese, charcuterie, butter, bread, wine, etc. this tour is not for you. Not necessary, but bonus points if you like foie gras! Shellfish allergies OK.

What Is Included:

What is included in the A Taste of Paris Tour is a fun informative three-hour private tour, Wendy’s time, knowledge, coffee at the cafe, treats at the bakery, cheese tasting, one tapas plate, one glass of wine – and a great morning out.

Cancelation Policy:

All reservations are nonrefundable because your space is being guaranteed for your private tour, no exceptions. Walks start promptly. Late arrivals beyond 15 minutes and no shows will be treated as cancelations. Cancelation policies also apply to any agreed upon rescheduled tour. You will be prompted to “Terms & Conditions” upon check out to acknowledge this policy.

Rave Reviews From Clients

“Not only was Wendy’s Taste of Paris Food Tour a total learning experience, it was just plain fun. Wendy’s knowledge, delightful personality and connections made for quite the boring afternoon after our morning with her. Within minutes of leaving her we were asking each other, “Can we hit rewind and do that again?” – John and Michael

“If only there were a ‘Wendy’ in every major food city in the world…Barcelona, New York, Venice, London, etc. She’s that good.” – Steve and Molly

“After our Taste of Paris Food Tour with Wendy, we spent the afternoon talking about the amazing information she had shared with us … she is clearly on a personal mission to make sure that everyone has an authentic food experience in Paris and not the Disney cliché. Wendy Lyn changed the way we saw and experienced everything. She really is a star.” – Jane and Nelson C.

Who Is Wendy Lyn?

Wendy Lyn is known as the “Insider’s Insider.” Her hard-won all-access pass within the international culinary community developed from working as a PR & Restaurant Consultant for the most notable chefs & restaurants in the world. In addition to conceptualizing restaurants to launching the first US Michelin Guide in NYC – the vivacious professional eater has been globetrotting for years on marathon eating & drinking day trips with her friends.

Wendy’s trusted Southern appeal, high-regard for French food & wine and her energetic genuine fun-style, have endeared her to top chefs & industry pros who consider her part of their family. Chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and wine makers – know they can count on Wendy as a trusted industry insider to give them essential addresses where to eat & drink in Paris, right now.

Having retired from the restaurant business doesn’t mean she stopped traveling to eat, far from it. Today she chronicles her international eating & drinking adventures on this site, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Epicurious and multiple food programs on The Travel Channel.