Lay of the Land

Paris is a collection of arrondissement neighbourhoods (abbreviated “arr.”) that radiate clockwise from the centre like a snail shell across the right and left banks, each with their own character and culinary influences. My City Guide will help you to discover options in each neighbourhood.

In general “Central Paris” is a business district (1st-9th arrondissements) –  where Parisians work during the day, have a drink with colleagues or friends, then leave to go home to the double digits (10th-20th) at night.

There are some good places to eat in the center of mainstream Paris, but thankfully more and more visitors are seeking authentic neighbourhoods away from the sights in unassuming locales, across bridges or tucked away in narrow grafitti-filled alleys – which are vibrant, lively and full of character. For example, a recent phenomenon is that the majority of popular restaurants have switched from the single digit left bank arr (5-7) to the double digits on right bank (10,11,19, 20 arr), especially concentrated in the 11th.