Mokonuts Paris


Omar & Moko's Mokonuts Cafe Restaurant. What a little gem it is. A la carte fresh market menu, everything is house made, friendly...
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Bruno Verjus Table Restaurant Paris


Food writer and Chef-Owner Bruno Verjus' gorgeous industrial-style loft restaurant perfect for a splurge, date night, taking the...
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Frenchie wine shop

Caviste Frenchie

If you've been to Frenchie then you've met Sommelier Aurelien Massé, who now leads fun wine tastings in English in the gorgeous...
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Restaurant Vantre Paris


At the new Vantre, Chef Iacopo Chomel (ex Le Passage/Saturne) and Former (3-star) Bristol Sommelier Marco Pelletier have created...
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American pastry chef Amanda Bankert and her Irish husband Louis Scott's small batch shop serves raised yeast hand-rolled...
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