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Where to Eat in Paris, Right Now

You know the drill. You are focused on your eating & drinking trip to Paris, but are overwhelmed by too much information on the internet when you are only in town a few days.

Wendy Lyn gets it. It is why she started this site.

Because the vivacious Southerner has traveled the world working with everyone in the business – Chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and wine makers all call on Wendy as a trusted industry insider to give them essential addresses when they want to know where to eat in Paris, right now.

Just like you – they are short on time, want value for their money, want to be in a casual friendly atmosphere, eat fresh seasonal products, and drink fantastic wines that aren’t expensive.

After interviewing her peers about their essential addresses in each arrondissement, this site is their black book, not the yellow pages. It will be edited often to keep it short and current. The results aren’t scientific, just what they personally recommend to their industry friends that are convivial, fun, have natural wine & good food. Follow them via these addresses into residential neighbourhoods to the most buzzed

places you’ve been reading about or haven’t even heard of yet. If you want to know where to eat & drink in Paris right now, get “branché” (plugged in) and follow them down quiet alleys, along cobblestoned streets and into residential neighborhoods for an essential taste of the Paris food & wine scene.

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