Paris food tours

Criteria for Choosing Paris Restaurants for This Site: Wendy Lyn / Paris Is My Kitchen’s purposefully features a short list of must restaurants that she personally recommends to visiting Chefs & friends. They must be convivial, have natural wine and fresh seasonal food served with care. Positive word of mouth gets a restaurant noticed. Restaurant solicitations are not responded to nor accepted.

Wendy Lyn is a serial restaurant speed dater, traveling to a place, city or country just to eat & drink her way through it, counting how many lunches and dinners she’ll have (in this Food & Wine Magazine article titled 29 restaurants in 5 days) She created this site to share her fast list of favorite places to eat in Paris if you are here to do the same. No big fancy Michelin-starred places (they aren’t fun and everyone’s heard of them anyway). The restaurants on this site are the places she is a regular, and goes back again and again –  because they get it “right” and where she sends her visiting chef and foodie friend when they ask where they should eat.

This site is not meant to be the Yellow Pages of all listings, why? Because you’re only in Paris to speed eat it for a few days or a week tops. Wendy doesn’t like to “test” new restaurants for fear of wasting a meal.

She doesn’t want to waste a good meal opportunity, and doesn’t want you to either.