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Why Paris Is My Kitchen

Paris is literally my kitchen because, I do not cook, I eat & drink in her fantastic restaurants every single day. My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations.

As a professional eater who has traveled the world working with everyone in the business – chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, and wine makers know they can call on me as a trusted industry colleague to give them essential addresses when they are in Paris.

I created Paris Is My Kitchen to share that same short, concise restaurant list for you food-obsessed travellers who are in Paris to eat for only a few days, because you aren’t interested in every place to eat, only the places to eat, right now.

Bon appétit and bonne route!


Who Am I?

I am a Southerner in Paris who has worked and eaten all over the world from New Orleans to South Africa and everywhere in-between.

My job as an international restaurant consultant and public relations executive for the top chefs around the world has taught me much. Although I am not a chef, as a professional eater, I know and love my food and wine. Restaurants are the epicentre of my social life. You can find me in restaurants every single day. My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations. Paris is literally my kitchen.

Having retired from the restaurant business doesn’t mean I’ve stopped traveling to eat, far from it. Today I chronicle my international eating & drinking adventures on this site, Food & Wine Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Epicurious and multiple food programs on The Travel Channel.

How I Choose Restaurants for this Site:

All the restaurants that I share here are personal favourites where I am a regular and where I send my chef and foodie friends. How do I choose? The places must be fun, and must have mostly natural wines on the list. Whether you drink or not – this one criteria alone means that the chef-owners are always making a conscious effort to serve fresh seasonal food.

I do not “test” new restaurants unless I’m tipped off by positive word of mouth among restaurant industry friends about what’s new and good as per the criteria above.

For each restaurant, I do my best to explain what it is, and what it isn’t, because I want you to know what you are signing up for before you reserve – and most importantly – so that you don’t waste your precious meal opportunity in Paris.

Restaurant solicitations are not responded to nor ever accepted. I don’t need a free meal honey, I am happy to pay for a great one.

Take A Private Food & Wine Tour With Me:

When I’m not traveling to eat, I take private clients on sell out private food & wine tours in Paris – and honoured to have been named:

One of the Top 10 Food Guides in the World – The Wall Street Journal
One of the Top 6 Food City Tours in the World – The Sunday Times
The “Ultimate Food Insider” and “On a First Name Basis With Every ‘it’ Chef” – Travel & Leisure Magazine
Wendy Lyn is the “hyperconnected private guide behind Paris Is My Kitchen” – Food & Wine Magazine

Because Food Is The Only Reason To Travel:

Wendy Lyn is known as the “Insider’s Insider” for her hard-won all-access pass within the international culinary community from working as a PR & Restaurant Consultant for the most notable chefs & restaurants in the world. From conceptualizing restaurants to launching the first US Michelin Guide in NYC – she’s been globetrotting a staggering 200+ days a year on marathon eating & drinking trips in search of fun places to eat. Wendy’s trusted Southern appeal, high-regard for French food & wine and her energetic genuine fun-style, have endeared her to top chefs & industry pros who consider her part of their family. She doesn’t even think of traveling without their advice for the perfect eating & drinking list. To Wendy, food really is the only reason to travel.

Wendy Lyn’s Profile:

Wendy Lyn is an outgoing Southerner, smart, funny, athletic and spontaneous. She is known for buying last minute airplane tickets for 36-hour eating & drinking marathons. She goes to Venice Italy just for lunch. She is an entrepreneur. She is obsessed with where to eat right now in the world. She is passionate about quality food & wine products. She is equally passionate about the good folks who grow them. She devours food magazines and Chef Instagram accounts in her downtime. She runs eight miles a day. She lives to try new restaurants, but she loves her ritual Sunday nights at her favorite Paris wine bar with chefs and restaurateurs comparing recent restaurant travels. She refuses to waste a meal. Her mottos are “My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations” and “Food is the only reason to travel.”


All of the content (photography included) belongs to me, Wendy Lyn. If you would like to use content/links/photographs, please contactme@wendylyn.paris.

Media Requests:

I am often asked to help with contacts and suggestions for stories, TV shows, magazine features, etc. If you need a fixer, I’m happy to help.